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Ash Wednesday: Remember you are dust

Coronavirus seems to be spreading further around the world, with more towns in Europe being isolated and schools nearby sending students home, some even closing to be deep cleaned. I have been struggling over the past few days with a … Continue reading

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On Sabbatical…

  I am currently on Sabbatical until October – an extended period to rest, reflect and renew.       All enquiries: Peterborough Parish Church Peterborough Cathedral Deanery

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Holiness let loose in human lives

It has become quite a well-worn observation that the Bible begins in a garden and ends in a city. People, and the biblical thread, find one another and set up camp together – for protection in numbers, support and companionship. … Continue reading

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Broiled Fish – Security clearance to tell a story of peace and hope

I don’t think I have ever eaten broiled fish. I had to look it up and the first recipe that came up was for broiled lobster, which made today’s Gospel reading seem very upmarket (Luke 24:36-48). Perhaps Jesus liked playing … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene – cinema at a slower pace

Critics have not been exactly gushing about the retake on Mary Magdalene, the new film in cinemas from this weekend. BBC Film 2018 described it as “thuddingly dull” and the Evening Standard made a play on the Oxbridge pronunciation of … Continue reading

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Replacing rudeness with radical inclusive love

There are times when we are left stunned by what comes over as another’s rudeness. From words that come out wrong, they have a bluntness and harshness just not intended but nonetheless said, to deliberate prejudice and disdain. And there … Continue reading

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William Shakespeare 400: A Prayer

  On the 400th anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare on 23rd April 1616, a prayer which follows the Seven Ages in ‘As you like it’. There is also a reference to the text on his gravestone in Holy … Continue reading

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