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Ian is Vicar of Peterborough, Canon Residentiary of Peterborough Cathedral and Rural Dean of Peterborough. He previously served for 10 years in Leeds, as Vicar of Whitkirk and as a member of the Chapter of Ripon Cathedral. He has also worked in Kent in Maidstone and as priest-in-charge of a group of parishes 10 miles north west of Canterbury. He was a Minor Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, a prison chaplain and Assistant Director of Post-Ordination Training for the Diocese of Canterbury. Prior to ordination Ian had a career in tax, both with the Inland Revenue as a PAYE Auditor and a firm of Chartered Accountants as a Tax Accountant. Ian is married with two sons. He is the author of three books of prayers: Prayers for all occasions (SPCK 2011), Intercessions for Years A, B & C (SPCK 2009) and Intercessions for the Calendar of Saints and Holy Days (SPCK 2005). His latest book is 'Follow me: living the sayings of Jesus (Sacristy Press 2017). He has been writing online since the mid 1990s.

Called by name

Names are very important and our own name is deeply personal. It expresses so much of our identity, who we are and where we belong. We have our first name or names, what for those who have been baptized we … Continue reading

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Broiled Fish – Security clearance to tell a story of peace and hope

I don’t think I have ever eaten broiled fish. I had to look it up and the first recipe that came up was for broiled lobster, which made today’s Gospel reading seem very upmarket (Luke 24:36-48). Perhaps Jesus liked playing … Continue reading

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Easter Fools Day

Today is a day for fools. And each year the newspapers play tricks on their readers with spoof stories, though some are harder spot than others and some real stories can make us check the calendar. Last year that major … Continue reading

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Feet washing and power

The Church of England has been under the spotlight recently. The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) has been hearing evidence about what went on in the Diocese of Chichester and it has made for disturbing reading. In reality … Continue reading

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Debussy: Passion and Resolution for Holy Week

Today is the 100th anniversary of the death of the French composer, Claude Debussy. Among his works are the well known La Mer, with its impressionistic harmonies depicting the rising storm waves, l’apres midi d’un faune, with its dreamlike quality, … Continue reading

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Mary Magdalene – cinema at a slower pace

Critics have not been exactly gushing about the retake on Mary Magdalene, the new film in cinemas from this weekend. BBC Film 2018 described it as “thuddingly dull” and the Evening Standard made a play on the Oxbridge pronunciation of … Continue reading

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Breathing fire into the equations of the universe

This week a remarkable man died. Actually it was a week with the loss of several celebrities including the comedian Ken Dodd. But by any assessment the life of the physicist Stephen Hawking was truly remarkable. To overcome his disability … Continue reading

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