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Ian is Vicar of Peterborough, Canon Residentiary of Peterborough Cathedral and Rural Dean of Peterborough. He previously served for 10 years in Leeds, as Vicar of Whitkirk and as a member of the Chapter of Ripon Cathedral. He has also worked in Kent in Maidstone and as priest-in-charge of a group of parishes 10 miles north west of Canterbury. He was a Minor Canon of Canterbury Cathedral, a prison chaplain and Assistant Director of Post-Ordination Training for the Diocese of Canterbury. Prior to ordination Ian had a career in tax, both with the Inland Revenue as a PAYE Auditor and a firm of Chartered Accountants as a Tax Accountant. Ian is married with two sons. He is the author of three books of prayers: Prayers for all occasions (SPCK 2011), Intercessions for Years A, B & C (SPCK 2009) and Intercessions for the Calendar of Saints and Holy Days (SPCK 2005). His latest book is 'Follow me: living the sayings of Jesus' (Sacristy Press 2017). He has been writing online since the mid 1990s.

Love is stronger than death: Remembrance Sunday

Looking through hymns for Remembrance Sunday, and also readings and prayers, a common theme emerges. The imploring is for war to cease, looking forward to a time when peace will reign and there will be an end to fighting, to … Continue reading

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Hymn: Christ the Saviour (87 87 D)

A hymn based on ‘Follow me: Living the sayings of Jesus’ 1 ‘Take this bread’, said Christ the Saviour, ‘eat and share in life with me, with thanksgiving bless and honour all the gifts to set you free.’ May this … Continue reading

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Foundations of nation-building

Yesterday our church calendar remembered Alfred the Great, King of the West Saxons in the ninth century. There is so much more to Alfred and his dynasty than burning cakes and raids on Danish occupying forces from the marshes. Alfred … Continue reading

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Through the Arched Window: People, Prayer and Proclaiming Saving Love

My return from Sabbatical has been somewhat bumpy. I had hoped for a gentle re-entry but with footballs through stained glass windows at St John’s and then a gargoyle falling from the church tower punching a hole in the roof, … Continue reading

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RESPECT – Prayer for Good Debate

A prayer based on the Simple Charter for Good Debate. God of truth and trust, as we pray for parliament* and the agenda before it, pour your grace upon its members to debate with respect, honouring each person, especially where … Continue reading

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The flourishing of grace

We have two stories of healing this morning and both involve foreigners – people from nearby countries, viewed at best with suspicion and often with open hostility. Both, though, turn out to play key roles in the unfolding events and … Continue reading

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RESPECT: A Simple Charter for Good Debate

When I went on Sabbatical at the beginning of July Theresa May was still Prime Minister. In the past three months a new resident occupies 10 Downing Street and has caused scandal and outrage, leading to a breakdown of trust. … Continue reading

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